Top 3 Ways to Get Gil in Final Fantasy XIV 2021

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Top 3 Ways to Get Gil in Final Fantasy XIV 2021

Over the years, we have seen a lot of changes in the game and FFXIV Gil thus the ways to get the Gil faster in the game have also evolved and now as the game has seen updates in 2021 again, there are some new ways for us to explore that might be helpful in getting those Gils faster in Final Fantasy XIV.

And that is why we decided to make a quick guide to show you the top 3 best ways to get Gils in FFXIV in 2021 but before we dive into it, here are some great deals on Final Fantasy XIV Gils that you can check out if you find it hard to grind for those Gils. Alright, let’s get started:

Three Ways to get Gils in Final Fantasy XIV

3 – Gardening

Coming in at number 5 we still have the old school gardening process which I think is still profitable after the 5.4 patch and so here we are. You can do the gardening and grow stuff like the clouds breath, getting the cloud, you can use in crafting the flying chairs and sell them for a profit. You can also use the jute to craft large woven rugs and they do sell pretty well actually. Also, the prices of the Thavnairian Onion Seeds have gone down so you can just grow them and save them for now and wait until the next expansion which will get the players to buy them again at a pretty high price

2 – Selling Grand Companies Dailies

Moving on to the number two in our list, which would be selling grand company dailies and you can be selling a lot of stuff for instance a diamond tied lorica of fending, diamond time winglet, diamond or the cobalt winglet cobalt knuckles to name a few. Now these can be pretty profitable as many people don’t have the time of find it boring to craft them from ground up, waste their time on collecting material so, they would buy these items for a pretty good price for the sake of their quest endings.

1 – Selling Potions and Food

Now the best way to make Gils in Final Fantasy XIV, according to what I have experienced so far is selling the potions and food for the raiding. Especially with the new grade four potions that just came out recently and the grade 4 tinctures. I mean there will always be people going on raids and they would most definitely need to buy the potions and the food as some of them wouldn’t want to or can’t craft their own.

So yeah, definitely if you have the time to macro craft all day and gather them just to sell them to the players going on raids, this would turn out to be the best way to earn Gils steadily in the game. Of course, the fastest way would still be to purchase the Gils from a trusted shop like buy FF14 Gil Eldorado, where you can also get help from the pro players to boost your account.