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After thinking about it, Yi Chi decided to create a creation, of course, to make some preparations in advance, for example, to exchange some professional knowledge or something. ......

After thinking about it, Yi Chi decided to create a creation, of course, to make some preparations in advance, for example, to exchange some professional knowledge or something. ...... "Yitang, is the exchange of array knowledge expensive?" After thinking about it, Yi Chi asked Yi Tang. Fortunately, the knowledge of the array is graded, and the price of the low-level ones is cheaper. The answer given by Yi Tang made Yi Chi breathe a sigh of relief. He was afraid that the knowledge of array was too expensive. If it was too expensive to exchange, then he would not be foolish to create the array in front of him. That would not be brave, that would be foolish. List them, eh, and start with the low ones. Yi Chi is very glad to say, of course, he has not forgotten to add a sentence, otherwise, at a glance to see that pile of zero, he is afraid that he can not afford to hurt. All right, I'll list them for you. Say that finish, Yi Tang casually a wave, that transparent eyeball in the lightning flash, a group of information will appear in the mind of Yi Chi. Low-level array (first volume): describes the general knowledge of low-level array, is the foundation of the foundation, do not understand it, you will not be able to learn array. Energy points are required for redemption: 10000 points. Low-level Formation (Middle Volume): It describes some knowledge about the application of low-level formation, which is the foundation of formation and is indispensable. If you don't learn it,die casting parts, you will not be able to use the formation correctly. When the time comes, you can only be an armchair strategist. Energy points are required for redemption: 50000 points. Low-level Formation (Volume II): It describes all the basics of low-level formation and the knowledge and process of using it. It is the basis of learning intermediate formation. Without learning it, you will not be able to learn intermediate formation. Energy points are required for redemption: 500000 points. Intermediate formation (first volume): It tells about the evolution of intermediate formation from low-level formation and some basic knowledge. It is the most important volume for the enlightenment of intermediate formation. Energy points are required for redemption: five million points and one fragment of a first-level energy gem. Intermediate Formation (Middle Volume):.. ...... Yi Chi did not finish reading, after all, to the intermediate array is already to the energy gem, although, just to fragments, but that is not what Yi Chi can get, that is the godhood fragments ah! Do you think Chinese cabbage! "It's going to be 10000 points at the beginning!"! It's really expensive! Yi Chi complained with great chagrin. Of course, if he has enough energy points, he will not care about such energy points. Unfortunately, he is extremely short of energy points now. Even if it is 10000 points, in the eyes of Yi Chi now, it is also a very large number. We must be careful! "Yi Tang, deep draw stamping ,die casting parts, do you think I can break this array if I only exchange the first volume of the low-level array?" Yi Chi asked uncertainly. As has been said before, Yi Chi is a wonderful person who doesn't understand the formation at all, and he can't figure out what level the formation in front of him is? What level of array knowledge is needed to break it? So he had to seek advice from Yi Tang. Mmm.. No way 。” Yi Tang thought a little and then said bluntly. To what extent should we exchange it? Yi Chi said with great pain that Yi Tang's words meant that he had to spend more energy, which made him complain about the people who were deployed. Shit, it's all right. Why do you set up such an advanced array? You have nothing to do when you are full! If you have nothing to do, you can go to help the children who are out of school or something. Why do you want to go to this remote place to set up an array? It's a convulsion for you! Although the heart kept complaining, but Yi Chi is still very focused on waiting for Yi Tang's answer. You can not afford to exchange, want to break this array, you at least also exchange to the intermediate array under the volume, but also in your very experienced premise, otherwise, you can not break the same. Yi Tang did not give face to the attack. After hearing the exchange of the array at the beginning of the Chinese character, Yi Chi was not in the mood to listen to which volume it was. Anyway, he could not even afford to exchange the cheapest volume, nor was he interested in listening to the specific situation. Well, it was a white track. Yi Chi, with a face of bad luck, was ready to turn around and go home to sleep. For him, who was in a good mood, this could not satisfy his curiosity. It was a big failure today, which cast a cloud over his mood. Don't go yet! I didn't say you had no hope. "Yi Tang sees Yi Chi to go, hurriedly out of the voice.". After a pause, Yi Chi's face immediately turned cloudy to sunny. Of course, his eyes showed that he still had doubts. After all, what he had just said was very clear. It was necessary to have the knowledge of the intermediate roll array to break the array. However, Yi Chi, in line with his trust in Yi Tang, stopped to hear what he would say. After a pause, Yi Tang opened his mouth and said, "Actually, it's just that you're thinking about the wrong place. Breaking the array and going out of the array are two different things. Although you need so much knowledge to break the array, it's not very difficult for you to really just want to go out. At first, I have to make it clear to you that this is a magic array. I think you should have guessed it. At the same time, It is also a dead array. The so-called dead array is a broken array that has not been opened for many years. This kind of array basically cannot exert its original power of one percent. However, when it is broken, it still needs professional knowledge corresponding to the original array level. Therefore, it is difficult to break the array. If you want to get in and out of this array, it is not difficult. After waiting for Yi Tang to say, Yi Chi just nodded clearly, so, the thing is such. To what extent do I need to exchange to get in and out of this array freely? Yi Chi didn't want to go around and around any more, so he said bluntly. You need the knowledge of the volume in the low-level array, and you can afford it completely, hehe. Speaking of this, Yi Tang still could not help laughing,Investment casting parts, come to think of it, he also knows the mood of Yi Chi. This energy point is hard to earn, but easy to spend!.