Tianshi of the ten directions

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The next moment, he immediately realized how much the wine had done to his body, as if in a moment, his body had been tempered again by the wine

The next moment, he immediately realized how much the wine had done to his body, as if in a moment, his body had been tempered again by the wine, and every bone, every vein, and every flesh seemed to have become tougher and more powerful! Taking a deep breath, Ji Changkong sat down cross-legged in the same place and stayed beside the Poisonous Dragon Pool, drinking more than ten times stronger fire dragon burning, letting the blazing wine boil in the body, volatilizing the body odor through sweat stains. For three months in a row, Ji Changkong spent all his time drinking and practicing, except for baking cooked meat for the fierce beasts in the Poisonous Dragon Pool in the middle of the night. The three altars of fire dragon burning had already bottomed out unconsciously. In the past three months, Ji Changkong had a wonderful feeling of being reborn, as if the three altars of fire and dragon burning had made his body reach a new height, not only the strength of his body was much deeper, but also his skill became more and more flexible, and his facial features became more and more sensitive. Sweating like rain every day, after three months, Ji Changkong will not sweat profusely even if he drinks fire dragon burning again. His body not only has no smell of sweat, but also has a faint fragrance that smells good. The other two jars of fire dragon burning Ji Changkong stayed and didn't drink any more. Instead,ibc spill pallet, he planned to return to Ji's house in the future and use it again when he went to the cold pool deep in the ice cave to practice. Vaguely, Ji Changkong felt that he could really resist the power of cold Tan's strange cold by using the fire dragon burning which was more than ten times as fierce, which would make him more powerful.. The night is dim, the breeze is soft, Ji Changkong is naked and happy to wash his body in a clear pool, feeling comfortable and high-spirited. An unknown little fish swims in the palm of his foot, and he can clearly feel the fish's greed for the beauty of his body. Suddenly, he suddenly quieted down,plastic pallet manufacturer, and the power in his body naturally filled his mind, brightening his eyes and enhancing his hearing. Wonderful life fluctuations came from the small fish in the soles of his feet. As soon as his mind moved, yuan Li seemed to magically flow out in his mind. Farther away, some insects hiding in tree holes, a few dexterous squirrels, and the life fluctuations of a goshawk flying past were all clearly sensed by him. Suddenly, the whole Yunmeng Daze seems to be full of vitality, all animals with life fluctuations, no matter how hidden, as long as within a certain range, he can clearly sense. yuan Li overflowed his mind, feeling the spirit of heaven and earth, the most critical checkpoint of the two instruments, he did not encounter too many obstacles, so an easy breakthrough. yuan Li must be able to release it through the three important areas of hands and feet, collapsible pallet bin ,plastic pallet manufacturer, skin pores, and mind. After staying in Yunmeng Daze for nearly two years, Ji Changkong has miraculously broken through to the peak of the two instruments. With another epiphany, he will reach the realm of the three talents! Even Ji Changxiao, who is known as the first of the three generations of children of the Ji family, has only reached this realm after years of penance. He has not been able to break through himself and has been suppressed by the Jiu Lingxue of the Jiu family in Yinshan! …… Turning out the bamboo basket that had been prepared for a long time, Ji Changkong first put the remaining two jars of fire dragon into it, picked some rare exotic flowers and plants in the poisonous dragon pool and put them into the bamboo basket. Ji Changkong shouted "gale". The pterosaur leapt out of the Poisonous Dragon Pool and roared to Ji Changkong's side, so that Ji Changkong carried the bamboo basket on his back. Gale, go north. I'm going home. Ji Changkong patted the ferocious giant of Tianyuan pterosaur and said in high spirits. The green-eyed scorpion, the nine-headed bird, and the three-eyed dragon python, these ferocious beasts of the dragon pool, all came out of the lush grass one by one. I don't know if they knew that Ji Changkong was leaving. They all looked longingly at Ji Changkong, as if. A little reluctant. Qingyan Mountain is very close to here. I will come again in the future. Don't look at me so pitifully! Ji Changkong smiled and patted the pterodactyl again. "Take the wind and send me to the north," he urged. With a low roar, the pterosaur rose reluctantly into the air, swinging its huge fleshy wings, setting off a howling gale, and flying straight into the direction of Qingyan Mountain with Ji Changkong. Nine-headed birds and flying blood snakes, which can also fly, follow the pterosaur far behind and chase it eagerly until they can't keep up with the speed of the pterosaur and are thrown farther and farther away. Riding on the neck of the pterosaur, Ji Changkong kept looking back. I don't know why, before these cruel and vicious beasts in his eyes, they seemed to become lovely. Watching them come in their own way and see them off reluctantly, Ji Changkong's eyes were moist. Over the years, few people have treated him well, but these famous strange beasts have really regarded him as a friend. Wind, you go back first, as long as I am free, I will go back to the Poisonous Dragon Pool again. For me, Poisonous Dragon Pool is another home! At the place, watching the pterosaur still following him, Ji Changkong waved his hand a little sadly, and immediately went out of Yunmeng Daze without looking back, and ran to Qingyan Mountain, which was close at hand. After a long time, Ji Changkong had climbed the hillside of Qingyan Mountain before he saw a huge shadow with a low roar and turned away. Qingyan Mountain, Ji Family. As soon as Ji Changkong stepped into Ji's house, without saying a word, he went straight to the house where Ji Wanyun was. When he left Ji's house that day, Ji Wanyun was practicing in seclusion with the help of Hei Yuyuanjing. He didn't have time to see Ji Wanyun, and he didn't know if the four scars on her face had healed. For more than a year, he had been practicing Taixu Secret Record in Yunmeng Daze. Ji Changkong had been restraining himself from thinking too much, so that he could have no distractions. Now that he had reached the peak of the two days and had made some achievements, he wanted to tell Ji Wanyun urgently, but also to see if the four scars on her face had all disappeared. Squeak! Ji Changkong, as usual,plastic pallet bins, rudely pushed open the door of Ji Wanyun's room. As I said, I will never marry Jia Rongfeng. It's useless for anyone to come! Ji Wanyun shouted angrily and suddenly came out of the inner room, but suddenly shouted in surprise: "When did you come back?" 。 binpallet.com