Reborn Empress of the Eastern Han Dynasty

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ZhenDing outside the city, more than ten thousand troops in front of Liu Xiu dressed in black armor, sitting on a horse and standing straight, close your eyes, his wife that only in the clothes, barefoot standing in the doorway watching him go away slender figure light wipe away, and then

ZhenDing outside the city, more than ten thousand troops in front of Liu Xiu dressed in black armor, sitting on a horse and standing straight, close your eyes, his wife that only in the clothes, barefoot standing in the doorway watching him go away slender figure light wipe away, and then open your eyes cold face no longer see a trace of tenderness, pulled out the sword pointed forward "war"! Liu Xiuzheng set out, Guo Shengtong rubbed his eyes, patted his cheeks, and turned back to catch up on sleep. When he got up again, it was already three poles in the morning. He stretched himself and went to have lunch. For at least five or six months, he didn't have to pretend to go back and forth. Guo Shengtong felt very relaxed. Last life these first expedition is also like this, as if and can't see Liu Xiu, after is also day and night, but the heart he will not be injured, will not be defeated, when can come to pick her up, is not even a meal. Now Guo Shengtong is not that kind of feeling, anyway Liu Xiu life is very big, this battle is also sure to win, she will not worry about him. Think just cash is satisfied, Liu Xiu at least can believe that she is on him, as for Liu Xiu to her, sniff, that person is best at face-changing, after a long time. After the meal,plastic pallet containers, Guo Shengtong began to think about his own affairs. Handan, city, Luoyang, hands have been sprinkled down, but the chaos of war, swords without eyes is also easy to have an accident, then called in Yao Huang ordered to go down everything to be careful. Yao Huang said respectfully that since the last time a subordinate dared to be greedy for money and was punished by the master according to the rules, his subordinates were more honest. After all, no one wanted to be cut off his hands, feet and limbs,secondary containment pallet, and put all his honey in the wild to be eaten by insects and ants. He could not be happy even if he wanted to die. The master was stunned to let him "persist" for half a year before he died as he wished. As soon as Yao Huang thought that the man was gnawed only a pile of bones, the indifferent look on his face was a little tense, and then hurriedly thought about other things, Handan, Luoyang are big cities can understand, why to go to the city. You don't need to know why, just remember to obey. You should know who you are. Listening to the master's opening, Yao Huang was startled and quickly knelt down, "The maidservant has crossed the distance, please punish the master." "All right, get up. You've never made a mistake in your work. It's to my liking." Guo Shengtong smiled and played with the jade pendant in his hand. He said indifferently, "If you do it seriously, you will naturally have your benefits. I will eventually be able to let you get what you want." Yao Huang listened as she looked up in fear and looked into the eyes of her master. She knew that the deepest expectation hidden in her heart had not escaped her eyes. She also knew that it was useless to defend. She simply admitted that "the maidservant thanked the master for his help, and the maidservant would be crushed to pieces and embrace the master's great kindness." "All right, but I like your boldness of vision, yes, when the future is settled, I will help you, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet price, I do not know where you see Wei Ming that boy." Guo Shengtong teased the girl and let her go to do the job, people always have to have a head start to be more motivated, but in the future. Guo Shengtong smiled with an evil and seductive face and turned into the space. When the little red-haired fox saw Guo Shengtong coming in, he squeaked and ran over to rush into Guo Shengtong's arms. Guo Shengtong also did a good job of holding it, but at the moment it arrived, he quickly avoided it. He saw that the little fox could not stop and crashed into the flowers. Guo Shengtong giggled and did not know where the "man" found such a dull little fox, so easy to cheat! Ignoring the little pet who bowed his head and sulked, Guo Shengtong came to a separate open space on the edge of the sea of flowers. He looked at the peony carefully. He counted that the leaves had not changed and the branches had not grown much. He was a little frustrated. When he wanted to leave, he saw a small flower bud the size of a grain of rice hidden behind a leaf. He rubbed his eyes and looked at it. It was a real flower bud! Guo Shengtong was so excited that his eyes were red. He shook his hands and stroked his lower abdomen. He looked at the sea of flowers in a trance. It took him a long time to calm down. The little fox ran over again, chirping and wagging his tail. Guo Shengtong squatted down and touched his head. "Are you going to tell me this?"? That's good! Although a little stupid, but it is not completely useless, Guo Shengtong now look at everything is satisfied. Guo Shengtong day is very calm, in addition to back to Guo Fu accompany parents, is occasionally go to the palace, under is honest to stay at home, after all, her husband is now outside the war, also want to be appropriate is missing, worry, write a letter home what, this house or Liu Xiu left confidant. Moreover, Guo Shengtong has been indulging in joy, for her own body she will not go to toss about, just waiting for the news from all sides in the house. Two months later, Guo Shengtong was diagnosed with pregnancy during a short stay at her home. Guo Chang and his wife were overjoyed and were busy settling down. They left their daughter at home to take care of her and sent someone to send a letter to Liu Xiu. Guo Shengtong is not panic, last life she gave birth to six children, all pregnant women and mothers should know she is familiar with, but comfort slightly nervous parents, Guo Chang and his wife to see her so calm and not in a hurry is gratified, this daughter married is really grown up! Don't table Guo Shengtong how to raise the fetus, and said Liu Xiu side first is very smooth, a few small towns around is no problem, just to the cypress people meet Wang Lang general Li Yu garrison guard, the former army Zhu Fu, Deng Yujun Li Yu defeated, lost the soldiers trench, Liu Xiu after the army spent a lot of effort to recover the ranks of the cypress people. Then led soldiers to occupy Guang a, and meet Guang Satrap Geng Kuang, Yu Yang Satrap Peng Chong, each sent their own generals Geng Yan, Jing Dan, Haing s ngor, Kou Kui led a ride to help against Wang Lang, pacify Zhuojun, Zhongshan, giant deer, Qinghe, river and other 22 counties, in Guang a and Liu Xiu smooth convergence. Ha ha ha ha, the day is not thin belt and show "ZhongJun account came commander in chief Liu Xiu hearty laugh, heavy general staff looked at each other, only know that the general saw the letter from home. Liu Xiu looked at everyone's expression, happy to share with you, "some want to be a father" the smile on his face is really not in the slightest cover, he is also in his thirties, but still empty knees, is not not in a hurry, now he is finally going to be a father, thinking of the little wife who loves him at home,drum spill pallet, the corners of his mouth more open, she really brought him too much! "Congratulations, General.".