The stars change

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"Qin Yu." Suddenly a voice sounded, and the voice was very familiar. The sound is so familiar. Qin Yu suddenly felt an excitement in his heart.

"Qin Yu." Suddenly a voice sounded, and the voice was very familiar. The sound is so familiar. Qin Yu suddenly felt an excitement in his heart. He remembered whose voice it was. It was the voice of the young man with silver hair and silver pupils who had given him three first-class Hongmeng Lingbao. Qin Yu immediately turned his head, Jiang Li also turned to look over. I saw a silver-haired young man looking at Qin Yu with a smile. On the back of the head, there are three black horns like feather crowns. Hello The young man with silver hair and silver pupils bowed slightly to Qin Yu and said. Last time I gave you three gifts on behalf of the master, and now Qin Yu, you are really married and have children. Qin Yu recalled the original scene. Also can not help but sigh unceasingly. The scene that happened in that year has come to this day. It's only a short time. But I have changed too much. He eloped with Jiang Li and completely opposed the emperors. Until now, it has stood in the divine world with great strength. Thank you. I don't know if you are.. I still don't know your name. Qin Yu hurriedly said. You can call me.. "Cravig!" Said the silver-haired, silver-eyed young man with a smile. " Crevig? This name 。 It's very special. Qin Yu smiled and said. The silver-haired young man smiled and said, "Compared with the names of the people in the divine world, my name is somewhat special. I came here today because the Master will come here in person later.". Congratulations to Qin Yu on your big wedding and getting Liner. "Your master?" Qin Yu felt a twitch in his heart. The strength of this young man with silver hair and silver eyes. Even now. Qin Yu is also simply can not distinguish, even if the Shura God King in front of him,ibc spill containment pallet, will not give him this feeling, then this young master? Master has been dealing with something important the other day. So when Qin Yu got married, he didn't have time to come over. He had planned to come to Qin Yu, your son,collapsible pallet box, for a hundred days. But now it seems that a hundred days can not catch up. Qin Yu, wait a moment. Master will be here soon. Said the silver-haired young man with a smile. If the thunder punished Tianzun to see the cold and merciless'ladle feather Tianzun 'would speak like this, he would certainly be shocked to stare off his eyes. Episode 18 Tianzun Mountain Chapter 8 Second Brother Wait a little longer? Qin Yu naturally won't mind, this is called'Crevig 'silver hair silver pupil young man strength is so unfathomable, his master has enough strength, make oneself wait more. Not to mention. The silver-haired and silver-eyed young master gave himself three gifts. I haven't thanked myself yet. Brother Yu, is he the mysterious man you said sent three Lingbao? "Jiang Li said to Qin Yu.". Seeing the appearance of the person in front of her, Jiang Li recalled what Qin Yu had said to her about the appearance of the person who had sent three first-class Hongmeng Lingbao. The silver-haired young man smiled at Qin Yu and then stood there without saying a word. Wait quietly. Darkness fell early in the night. In this quiet corridor at the moment. Only the dim light of the lantern in the distance could be seen faintly. Qin Yu saw that the silver-haired young man had no desire to speak. He did not start the conversation. And Jiang Li stood quietly holding the sleeping Qin Si. Whew! Suddenly. The wind is blowing! The wind is very strange. For no reason on the wind, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet crates, which Qin Yu can not help but alert up, suddenly a figure from the distance slowly walking in the air, as if stepping on the stairs. Step by step down from the air. Every step. It is like stepping on the pulse of the fluctuation of the whole space. A figure in the distance. Qin Yu doesn't know what's going on. It's impossible to see. Even with the help of the dim light, he still felt a blur around the figure's body. The waiting figure came down and stepped into the corridor. Only then did the figure become clear. Height and Qin Yu are almost the same, but looks stronger than Qin Yu, the whole person gives a person a kind of thick as a mountain. But it is as leisurely as the wind. Thick and smooth. Two very different styles are revealed in such a person. Hum ~ When this person is close to Qin Yu, the space fluctuation of the space area around Qin Yu and others is different from that of the outside world, as if it were two different space areas. Is not the space freeze, but changes the space undulation? "Under Qin Yu heart startled.". Spatial fluctuation. Can also be changed? Qin Yu never dared to think about it. 。“ Master. The silver-haired and silver-eyed young man immediately bowed down very respectfully. Mmm. The figure nodded gently, and the silver-haired young man stood up straight, then walked to the side of the figure motionless, like a guard. Qin Yu looked at the man carefully. The first thing I noticed was the man's eyes. Eyes are the window of the soul, when Qin Yu saw this person's eyes for a moment, he felt a cold palpitation in his heart. It was as if his heart had been pierced. Sword! "What a fierce sword spirit! My soul trembles just because of my eyes." Qin Yu felt a burst of fear in the bottom of his heart. Such a character is too horrible, and even let Qin Yu immediately have a kind of impulse to escape into the new universe with their loved ones. An ordinary look can make Qin Yu's soul tremble. If someone has the intention to deal with Qin Yu. That wants to kill Qin Yu is simply easy to the extreme thing. But there was also a kind kindness in that look. This made Qin Yu not too nervous. I'm Qin Yu. I don't know who you are? "Qin Yu asked politely.". The man had long brown and black hair. Eyes as deep as a deep pool. There is a smile on his face that makes people feel kind. The generous shoulders made people feel that he was steady and thick. And his body is as beautiful as a leopard. But it makes people feel the speed, strength and agility he has. Almost a perfect person. Qin Yu has to admit. This is countless years, to see the people who let him tremble most, the people in front of him, not as handsome as Duanmuyu. There is no black feather cold, but there is a special temperament. Hello, Qin Yu, meet for the first time, please allow me to introduce myself first, my name is'Lin Meng '! "Lin Meng said with a smile." Senior Lin Meng. This is my wife, Jiang Li. This is my son Qin Si. He's asleep now. Qin Yu said politely. This Lin Meng's strength is too terrible, the apprentice silver hair silver pupil young man then lets Qin Yu tremble,plastic pallet crates, but Lin Meng. Is more terrible than the silver hair silver pupil young people, such characters, Qin Yu should also call a senior.