Jiao Jiao Female Match in 70 -- Far Sleep

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He made a gesture of six with his hand. Six Sixty? Old Mrs. Lin swallowed her saliva and asked in disbelief.

He made a gesture of six with his hand. Six Sixty? Old Mrs. Lin swallowed her saliva and asked in disbelief. That's right. If it had been sold to those pharmacies or individuals in the early years when it was still free to buy and sell, the price would probably have gone up! It's at least seventy or eighty. Seeing that his face was full of pity, Old Mrs. Lin immediately frowned and said, "Lin Hsing-kuo, I can tell you, don't make mistakes when you're old. You can't go to places like the black market with your old arms and legs!" "What do you think about all the time?" Old man Lin was a little dumbfounding. "Not to mention that I am an old revolutionary, how can I take the lead in digging the corner of socialism? Even if my ideological awareness is not enough, I am half buried in the earth, and I can still run the black market with young people?" "Anyway, you honestly go to the supply and marketing cooperatives to sell, and we collect as much money as the state gives. Anyway, it's not that we go up the mountain to look for it, and we make money anyway." "All right, I'll sell it." …… After she came back, Ximei went straight back to her room. She ran all over the mountains and plains, playing sparrows and chasing rabbits. She was already tired. Before she went down the mountain, she took advantage of Songwa to collect firewood for the rabbit as a cover, and led Mrs. Lin to secretly look for the beautiful Ganoderma lucidum she had found before. Half a day later, she was exhausted. As for the experience of eating a pheasant stewed with potatoes last time, Ximei felt that it was pure poverty. If it weren't for the fact that she was too poor and had a hard life, Mrs. Lin might have split up and let them live separately, so she still had to make money. There are only a few ways to make money in rural areas. At the age of ten, she can't use other methods. It's better to learn from the woman's way to get rich and get the first pot of gold by relying on mountain delicacies and medicinal materials to improve her life. In the original book, Erni digs ginseng, and it is estimated that there is not much ginseng near the mountain. Ximei feels that it is better not to rob it with others. Hate it. It is better to do less things that cut off people's way of making money. Anyway, ginseng is not the only treasure in the mountains, and she can easily find what she wants before her soul runs out. As for what to do after the soul power is used up, Ximei admits that she is not a waste who can only rely on the golden finger of the soul power, and when the time comes, she will naturally be able to rely on her own ability to live a good life. Ganoderma lucidum was given to Mrs. Lin, and Ximei thought there was no such thing. No matter how her parents planned to deal with it, it had nothing to do with her for the time being. Now in her heart, there was no Ganoderma lucidum, only rabbits. I've eaten pheasant meat a few days ago, and I don't know if I can stew rabbits with Mrs. Lin's careful calculation. If the family decided to pickle the rabbit for later, wouldn't she be excited in vain? "Songwa, come and help me make a fire." Old Mrs. Lin shouted. Ximei's tired and lazy spirit suddenly got enough electricity. She opened the door and asked, "Mom, do you want to cook rabbit meat now?" Looking at her sparkling eyes, Mrs. Lin smiled very happily: "Eat, eat now, why keep it?" The bright eyes became brighter and brighter, and a big smile broke out on his face with baby fat, revealing a pear vortex at the right corner of his mouth: "Then I'll help you burn the fire, too!" "You don't need to make a fire with Songwa. If you don't have a rest, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic bulk containers, come to the kitchen and sit and wait for the meat to eat. Mom will show you her skills." "All right!" The greedy little girl should be crisp and neat, without the slightest look of embarrassment. Songwa, who had heard Old Mrs. Lin's brazenly "seeking personal gains," did not say that the milk was partial. When she honestly went to the stove and began to burn the fire, she did not forget to beg for food for herself: "Milk, give me a few mouthfuls later!" Old Mrs. Lin was in a good mood. "I've never been short of food for you," she said, laughing and scolding. "Do you still need to beg for it yourself?" "Hey, I'm just saying." His dark face showed two rows of conspicuous white teeth, which made him feel very funny. Ximei moved a small bench to sit in the corner of the kitchen, holding her cheeks in her hands, watching Mrs. Lin's neat and busy figure on the stove, with a knife in her hand, peeling the whole rabbit into pieces of rabbit meat of uniform size, simply boiling water, scallion, ginger, garlic and dried pepper fried in the oil pan, pouring in rabbit meat pieces and stir-frying evenly, and then adding spices such as star anise, cinnamon and bay leaves. Add a ladle of water to stew, and soon the whole kitchen is full of fragrance. Songwa was suddenly choked by the smell of chili peppers. After coughing a few times, she gave Mrs. Lin a thumbs-up and said, "Ginger is still old and spicy. Milk is milk. Just smelling the fragrance, I know it's much better than what my mother and several aunts cook." Ximei nodded earnestly and echoed, "Incense!" Old Mrs. Lin smirked and said, "I'm not bragging. I may not be able to cook other dishes in general. The skill of stewing rabbit meat by hand has been taught by the chef.". Had it not been for the expense of buying aniseed, the easy trouble of stewing meat, and the difficulty of beating rabbits, I would have shown you my skills long ago. The rabbit meat still had to stay in the pot for a while before it could be cooked. Songwa sucked the saliva and muttered, "You said you had this skill!"! If I had known I had caught rabbits before, I wouldn't have roasted them on the mountain. Oh, please nurse gently! Pain, pain, pain! Old Mrs. Lin had not had time to wipe the oil on her hands, and the big hand of the cattail leaf fan directly carried his ear and began to twist it: "Even if you secretly ate the rabbit, it's a pity that you still have a face in that?? I only know how to eat your milk. Why don't you think about filial piety to your father, your milk and your aunt when you steal it? Songwa: Finished the ball, spilled the beans! “…… Hey hey, in fact, is a small milk rabbit, no two meat, which has the nerve to bring back ugly ah, not enough for one person. The next time I catch it, I'll take it home! Old Mrs. Lin was too lazy to say more to him, and after a cold hum, she gently let go of the stubble and lifted the lid of the pot to check the situation in the pot. The aftertaste of rabbit meat and aniseed through the thick wooden lid is attractive enough. When the lid is lifted, the fragrance rising with the white mist sweeps through the kitchen, which makes people unable to refuse. Mom,plastic pallet suppliers, are you ready? Ximei looked longingly at the boiling soup in the pot and felt that she was really going to drool. Old Mrs. Lin picked up a spatula and stir-fried it a few times before she picked up a piece of meat and fed it to Ximei's mouth. "Here, do you want to taste it?" Songwa also looked at her longingly: "Milk, give me a taste." 。 binpallet.com