Can track sos cut off fuel and power remotely?

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track sos

Now many wired GPS locators have the function of remote fuel power off, as long as the owner observes that the vehicle has an abnormal situation, you can control the vehicle remote fuel power off.

Wired equipment can perform this operation, then after all, whether track sos can also perform remote oil and power shutdown operation?

Not only the wired equipment can be remotely disconnected, but the wireless equipment can also have the function of remote disconnected oil and power.

Like the track sos S18, this locator not only has the functions of ordinary wireless devices, but also has the function of remote power supply.

In addition to the function of remote oil power off, this locator has other core functions: anti-detection, overspeed alarm, antenna anti-interference, power alarm, invisible LED, displacement alarm, intelligent anti-shielding function. To say that the S18 is the new fighter in track sos is really not an exaggeration.

At present, most of the devices with remote power cut-off function are wired GPS locators. But if you prefer a wireless locator, consider the track sosS18.

track sos