Full Automatic Hydraulic Machine Common problems and solutions

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Full Automatic Hydraulic Machine is a kind of multi-functional lathe which integrates the functions of lathe and milling machine. When using, you may encounter some common problems. Here are some common problems and solutions for Full Automatic Hydraulic machines.

1. The distance between the turning tool and the cutting surface is inconsistent.

Solution: Check whether the fixture is stable and adjust the fixture, you can reinstall the tool or readjust the lathe height.

2. The milling depth is too shallow or too deep.

Solution: Adjust the feed speed and tool speed appropriately, change the milling depth, and consider strengthening lubrication and cooling to reduce friction heat.

3. Chips pile up.

Solution: Clean up the chips in time, check whether the cutting oil pipeline is smooth, and ensure adequate lubrication and cooling.

4, parts processing size deviation is too large.

Solution: First check whether the tool, fixture, workpiece is correctly positioned, whether there is loosening, if necessary, you need to re-clamp the workpiece, and adjust the processing parameters, such as cutting speed, feed speed, etc.

5, the machine is unstable or vibration.

Solution: Check whether the machine parts are loose, such as the bed, guide rail, etc. Repair or replace damaged parts. At the same time, it can be considered to reduce the interference of slight vibration, the use of shock absorption equipment.

6, the tool life is short.

Solution: Choose the right tool material and shape, install and use the tool correctly. Reasonable adjustment of cutting conditions, avoid excessive cutting, strengthen lubrication and cooling to extend tool life.

7, lathe accuracy decline.

Solution: Regularly check the indicators of the lathe and maintenance, including checking the cleanliness and lubrication of the guide rail and lead screw, timely replacement of worn parts, to ensure that the lathe is in good working condition.

In short, the problems existing in the Full Automatic Hydraulic Machine should be found in time and effective measures should be taken to solve them, so as to ensure the normal operation of the lathe and improve production efficiency and processing quality.

Full Automatic Hydraulic Machine https://www.zjshuangzheng.com/Full-Automatic-Hydraulic-Machine-Tapping-Type-SZ-CZ-50S.html