Work characteristics of Grass Mower and its use methods are introduced

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Grass Mower

In many places with lawns, you should have seen Grass Mower figure! It is also very useful for our lives, and can also help us a lot, especially in the park. Here, let us briefly analyze the working characteristics and use methods of Grass Mower!

It is mainly used for garden dressing, grass greening and pruning, urban streets, green scenic spots, garden pruning, vegetable field weeding, especially suitable for parks, football fields and other grasslands, private villa garden lawns and grasslands, and can also be used for autumn harvest of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry vegetation. However, Grass Mower has some limitations in rural fields, fields, and mountains. The main reason for this is the terrain. The Grass Mower currently used is mainly lithium battery Grass Mower, that is, electric Grass Mower. Wide range of application, mainly used in parks, green Spaces, factory lawns, golf courses, family gardens, grasslands, orchards lawn trimming, landscaping.

It has smooth, simple operation, and can be trimmed for lawns that need to be cared for, mainly lawns. It is also suitable for high-yield pastures and large farms. Grass Mower has the characteristics of neat cutting, strong power, and not easy to clog. It is suitable for flat land and artificial grass planting operations.

In the ever-upgrading Grass Mower, the work is getting more and more efficient, but it cannot be ignored that it is a mechanical device. Be careful when using it, or it will be scratched by the rapidly rotating Grass Mower, which is still very dangerous. How can I use Grass Mower safely? The following is a small series sorted out, everyone must remember when using!

Before the operation, the following preparations and checks should be carried out before each operation, and it can be used after confirming that the requirements are met.

① Inject appropriate amount of lubricating oil into each oil hole.

② Check the knife gap to determine whether it meets the requirements. If problems are found, they should be adjusted according to regulations.

③ Check the tool wheel, blade, tool holder, etc. for cracks, and replace the problem in time.

④ Check the fastening degree of the link part, and deal with the problem in time.

⑤ Check whether the supporting lithium battery is abnormal and whether the power is sufficient.

Operational requirements

1. Persons unfamiliar with Grass Mower's safety specifications shall not operate alone.

(2) Minors and persons suffering from illness or excessive fatigue may not start work.

3. When the Grass Mower is stopped, the blade should be completely stopped before finishing the work.

Grass Mower should be inspected and maintained regularly in case of failure the next time it is used. At the same time, it should be placed indoors to avoid wind and rain rust. Grass Mower is highly efficient. This is a widely used market, when buying, be sure to choose a reputable brand!

Grass Mower