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Oriental Jade Gold Armor · Autumn Water Cold

Oriental Jade Gold Armor · Autumn Water Cold

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The God of bones went on to say it for him, stroking his beard with one hand, and he said: "Little Liangzi, are you testing the old man?"

The God of bones went on to say it for him, stroking his beard with one hand, and he said: "Little Liangzi, are you testing the old man?" Sheng Shixian hurriedly worshipped, said: "Disciples dare not." The God of bones asked: "Who is this?" Jia Laoer hurriedly accompany laugh a way: "You might as well report the matter of the little old man to you slowly, or let the white brother report the important matter to you first." Say The God of bones nodded toward the flourishing age virtuous way: "All right, you say it!" Sheng Shixian took Jia Laoer to the White Bone Shrine to expose the plot of someone pretending to be a God. Fortunately, Jia Laoer did a good job this time. Row. In the name of Sheng Shixian, he came to Hongze Lake and planned to invite the God to go out tonight, before and after, in detail. Once again. The white bone God looked at Jia Laoer and said: "You are the manager of Yunlong Villa?" The meaning of this sentence, or doubt the manager of Yunlong Villa, how can there be so much magic? "Yes, yes!" Jia Laoer shrugged his shoulders, answered "yes" twice, and then stopped talking. Sheng Shixian felt strange and looked back, only to see Jia Laoer's mouth moving slightly, as if he was "transmitting sound into the secret" and the white bone God. Jun, speak. After a time, just see the God of bones nodded, WuEr laughed and said: "This is it!" Sheng Shixian did not know what Jia Laoer had said to the God, but as long as he looked at the look of the God, he could know the God. Jun is convinced of Jia Laoer. Heart can not help but admire Jia Laoer very much, God is not a good talkative person? But Jia Laoer Only a few words, the God was convinced, it seems that he is really a strange man! Jia Laoer hurriedly took out a small porcelain bottle from his bosom and handed it to the God of bones, saying: "This is Du La Cao. You are suffering from two kinds of chronic poisons in your body,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, namely, San Gong and Yin. All you need to do is to pull out the cork and smell it with your nose." Back, and then the luck line scattered, you can detoxify. The God of bones took the porcelain bottle, pulled out the cork, took a deep breath close to his nose, then corked the bottle, closed his eyes and worked hard. Come here. Jia Laoer hurriedly took the medicine bottle from the table and handed it to Feiqiong, saying: "The girl has probably been poisoned by his poison powder. Our time is precious. The girl also quickly sniffed it with her nose." Inhale the gas again,Service Sink Faucets, run the whole body, can quickly melt the accumulated poison in the body, just wait for the God to finish the exercise, we will go out Went. Feiqiong saw that the God had smelled it. Naturally, without doubt, he took the medicine bottle, put it close to his nose, took a deep breath, and slowed down. Slowly transport to the limbs and bones. But a cup of tea time, the white bone God suddenly opened his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief: "What a powerful drink of poison powder and powder of poison. I was so famous that I almost lost it. Fortunately, this bottle is full of grass." It's really amazing! "" Sheng Shixian way: "Has the God ever recovered?" The white bone God said with smile: "It was these two chronic poisons that made the old man useless. Now that the poisons have been removed, they have naturally recovered." Sheng Shixian looked back and asked: "What about you, Feiqiong?" Feiqiong bow way: "Back to the manager, the maidservant has been ready long ago." Sheng Shixian to Jia Laoer way: "We can go now." The God of bones asked: "Where are you going?" Sheng Shixian way: "Manager Jia has arranged a boat. The God can rest on the boat and wait for the disciple's signal tomorrow before landing." The God of bones said: "All right!" On the first day of the third month, it was Shi Shenjun's seventieth birthday, which he had planned for a long time. In the name of longevity, he invited both black and white people to be famous. Character, the date of the martial arts conference. In this meeting, he is expected to be able to ascend the throne of the leader of the alliance, Self-closing Faucet ,Concealed Flush Valve, because all the well-known figures in the martial arts world present, almost He's got it all under control. As early as a few days ago, congratulatory guests had already arrived one after another: Zhu Tiansheng, Taoist Priest of the Eight Diagrams Gate, Shu yuanhe, and Meng Zhuo Ran, Wei Lingyun, leader of the Beggars' Sect, Lou Zihe, leader of the Hui Sect, Bai yuangui, leader of Baigumen Villa, Bai Shaoyou and his son, and Sun Bao from Yuntai Mountain People, Gai Tianpeng, the Lord of Dahongshan, and Ao Ruhai, the flying eagle of the Eagle Claw Gate, can be said to be well-known figures in the martial arts world in the north and south of the Yangtze River. These people are usually not familiar with the birthday star Shi Qichuan, and have not even heard of the three words Shi Qichuan. But because of the birthday boy Weng Shiqichuan, eight famous leaders jointly sent a letter of invitation to celebrate his birthday in Hongze Lake. And to hold a grand meeting, naturally to be invited to attend, to see what is the conference? What on earth is this birthday boy like? A character? On February 30, the eve of the conference, almost all of these distinguished guests arrived. The evening was a warm birthday feast, accompanied by Zhong Qinghe, the head of the Southern School of Shaolin, and Wan Xuanqing, the head of Wansong Villa in Huangshan. Attend and meet all the guests. This feast, of course, is very rich, we first toast the birthday boy, then toast each other, frequently raise their glasses, naturally happy. Scatter. That night, Shi Qichuan met Bai yuangui alone in the study and had a long talk for almost half an hour before he personally delivered Bai yuan. Gui came out and returned to the hotel accompanied by the manager Jia Laoer. Then Teng Chuanzhong, the deputy manager, accompanied Wei Lingyun, the leader of the Beggars' Sect, to the study. He also talked about the time when he would have a meal. The cloud just came out of the study. Because even the manager stayed outside the door during the conversation, no one knew what Shi Qichuan and the two men had talked about. But if you look at Shi Qichuan's face full of smiles when he saw the guests out twice, you can see that the talks between the two sides went very smoothly. The night passed, and now it was the first day of his birthday, the first day of the third month, in the main hall of the Fengwei Gang in Hongze Lake, Chongde Hall. In fact, it has already been newly decorated. Huge hall, covered with red silk camphor, in the middle of a long table, behind the table there are two high-backed armchairs, long table On both sides, each placed two rows of embroidered chairs, that is "VIP seats", down the left and right sides, each has five rows of chairs, is the ordinary "come". Guest seat. Such a layout is not like a birthday hall, but like a venue for a general meeting. In front of the hall, early in the morning,Manual Flush Valve, there are deacons with red silk on their chests, and under the left porch are 36 musicians, who are already there. The chairs were lined up and all kinds of musical instruments were placed.