Emperor tyrant

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"That's a good idea." Li Qiye said with a smile, "However, there has never been a savior in the world. If you can save a lifetime, you can't ask for ten thousand generations.

"That's a good idea." Li Qiye said with a smile, "However, there has never been a savior in the world. If you can save a lifetime, you can't ask for ten thousand generations. The most important thing is to rely on yourself. Everything in the world must be fought for by yourself. If you place your hope on the so-called savior, what's the difference between that and parasites?" Li Qiye's words shocked the sea scales, in fact, he really did not think about such a thing. Li Qiye said lightly, "Why does the Flying Immortal Sect dare to do whatever it wants in the North Ocean? Why is the Flying Immortal Sect overbearing every time it comes to the world?"? The reason is very simple, everything is because of the emperor himself, or the nine realms of their own clans! "Tolerance, concession and even helping a tyrant to do evil are the reasons why the Flying Immortal Sect can run amuck in the nine realms." Li Qiye smiled and said, "When the war is burning, everyone wants to profit from it, not against outsiders.". This is also the reason why the ancient Ming Dynasty was able to unify the nine realms one after another. Li Qiye's words made the sea scales silent. In fact, it was true. When the Flying Immortal Sect came, how many great religions wanted to inherit and cling to the Flying Immortal Sect? So the war is ultimately on its own. Li Qiye said slowly, "It doesn't depend on others, nor does it depend on the Savior.". Many things can only be built by their own blood to become reliable, without the baptism of blood, without the cost of pain,Flushometer valve, everything is so light, peace or peace, want to get it, then use their own blood to exchange. The sea scale was silent. After a long time, he looked at Li Qiye and said solemnly, "Brother Li's words are in my mind. No matter what, I still hope that Brother Li will lend a helping hand in this dangerous situation. As long as Brother Li is willing to do it, everything can be discussed!"! Even if brother Li takes over the allied forces,stainless steel toilet, even if brother Li lets us be cannon fodder, let us rush to the forefront, we are all willing.. “…… As long as we can protect the North Ocean and let future generations have a foothold in the North Ocean, we are willing to pay a heavy price. As Brother Li said, peace needs our own blood to build, so we should use the blood of our predecessors to pave the way for future generations and strive for living space for future generations! The words of the sea scale are solemn, forceful and loud. I have no interest in your power. Li Qiye shook his head and said, "Of course, there will be a war between me and Feixian Sect.". If you want to go to war, there is nothing you can't do. When I go to war, you can also send your troops. As I said, you have to rely on yourself. You have to fight for everything. There is no savior in the world. If your descendants want to have a foothold in the North Ocean, then come up with your own efforts. Otherwise, how can the rivers and mountains laid down by others be cheap for you? "Little brother understands." Finally, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Hai Ling took a deep breath and bowed deeply and said, "As long as Brother Li tells my younger brother when he sends his troops to the Flying Immortal Sect, my younger brother is willing to lead the legion to the front and fight his way out for Brother Li. As Brother Li said, the foothold of future generations will be exchanged for our blood and lives!"! If we don't let go, even if the Flying Immortal Sect is defeated, there will be no place for our demons and sea monsters in the North Ocean. "It's good that you can understand." Li Qiye nodded and said, "If you want living space, then build it with your own blood!" "I'm sure I will." The sea scales nodded solemnly, and finally worshipped Li Qiye with a respectful expression before leaving. After the sea scales left, Zhenshi Zhenshen came in. After he sat down beside him, he could not help complaining and said, "My Lord, the first battle with Feixian Sect is our battlefield. Do we need these shrimps as cannon fodder?"? If they rush ahead, they will die and get in the way. Zhenshi Zhenshen is eager to try the first battle with Feixian Sect. For him, for the Qinglong Legion, this battle is just the time to polish young people. Let them rush. Li Qiye said lightly, "Sometimes only by letting blood flow can we awaken people's indomitable spirit. The nine realms have been peaceful for too long. It's time for them to kill more.". We will grow old one day, and we can't guard the nine realms forever. Let them rush to kill, let their descendants know that their predecessors are flowing with blood, just as the sages fought against the ancient Ming Dynasty. If they do not have blood flowing in the body, they are like sheep, the nine realms are a pasture, once again, I am afraid the nine realms are just fat. Hearing Li Qiye's words, Zhenshi Zhenshen couldn't help thinking about it seriously. Finally, he said with some emotion: "Yes, the Nine Realms have been peaceful for too long. There hasn't been a real alliance legion for a long time. Like in those days, there hasn't been an alliance of all clans in the Nine Realms." Although it is said that there is a struggle between immortals and emperors in every era, it is too far from the struggle against the ancient Ming Dynasty. Moreover, the struggle between immortals and emperors is mostly a war between sects. There will always be sacrifices. Li Qiye said flatly: "Only the dripping blood will make future generations remember that their sages have fought against outsiders. Let them understand that when outsiders invade, only by standing up and uniting to resist, can they win living space for future generations.". There is no savior in the world, want to survive, want the peace of future generations, only rely on their own to fight for! No one will give you living space, no one will shelter you for a lifetime! Li Qiye's words made Zhenshi Zhenshen silent. He understood that adults were leaving. He was putting down the burden of the nine realms. In the end, he still needed to rely on the nine realms themselves. Others do not know, but Zhenshi Zhenshen is clear, although adults are reviled, said to be behind the scenes, was scolded as the butcher of the nine realms, but he has been guarding the nine realms, if not for his guardianship, if not for his iron-blooded means to plow again and again, the remnants of the ancient Ming Dynasty would have come back. Even if it is the remnants of the ancient times of the emperors, it is possible to once again let the darkness envelop the nine realms! Although this time the flying immortal religion wants to sweep the imperial world far less than the ancient rule of the nine realms,Prison toilet for sale, and adults have the intention to let the sea scale their alliance legion bleed, not out of any purpose, this is he will lay down the burden of the nine realms. cnkexin.com