Wutong Apartment

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Xiao Yi, I know you will question the cause of my death, so I leave this letter for you. I hope you will not act rashly, or all my efforts will be in vain.

Xiao Yi, I know you will question the cause of my death, so I leave this letter for you. I hope you will not act rashly, or all my efforts will be in vain. You are the only person I can trust in this world, so at the end of my life I will entrust you with an important thing that only you can do. I have never told you that I have a girlfriend, and she is Luo Qingyi. I love her very much, even though I know she doesn't love me, but I don't care. As long as I can see her happy every day, I will be satisfied. But recently I always have a sense of foreboding that Luo Qingyi may have an accident after my death. So what I entrust you with is that on the day of Winter Solstice this year, you should never leave Luo Qingyi, don't let her out of your sight, and protect her well. I believe that after Winter Solstice, all the nightmares will be over. Xiao Yi, my good brother, please remember that you will save more than one life. Please. Zhang Wude's last pen I read the whole letter word by word, feeling very complicated and depressed. I am really full of doubts about Zhang Wude's death. But now this letter has undoubtedly escalated the question, atonement, Luo Qingyi, Winter Solstice, three simple words run through the whole mystery. Zhang Wude wants me to be with Luo Qingyi on the day of Winter Solstice,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, let me protect her, can it be said that Luo Qingyi will really have an accident in the Winter Solstice? I stared at the black envelope. Zhang Wude is an unsmiling man. He will never say anything irrelevant, let alone talk nonsense when he is dying. Then there is only one possibility, Luo Qingyi is really in danger, and these dangers are exactly what Zhang Wude did not have time to stop or could not stop, so he gave her to me. Zhang Wude! Zhang Wude. How many mysteries are hidden in your death? You know me better than I know myself, and I can't see your heart, even though you're dead. I gave a wry smile,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, and a handsome face appeared in front of me. He looked at me with a smile, as if he wanted to say something to me, but he hesitated. Gradually, the face began to blur, the forehead opened a slit, and a white viscous liquid slowly flowed out, which was human brain fluid. Then the face suddenly exploded, mangled and mangled. Broken face! I gasped. It was hard for me to imagine that a flawless face could be so appalling. The strange way of death, the bloody broken face and the inexplicable will made Zhang Wude's death more complicated and confusing. Pow! The light in the bedroom suddenly went out and it was dark in front of my eyes. What's wrong Instinctively, I looked around, and as far as I could see, there was chaos and nothing could be seen clearly. At the same time, there was a strange sound of tiptoe in the corridor, "Ta-ta-da.." The sound came closer and closer, Time Delay Tap ,stainless steel shower tray, and finally stopped outside the bedroom door. I have a vague sense of foreboding. Perhaps, at the moment, there is a dark figure lying on the door outside the bedroom listening to the movement in the room, its facial features are bleeding, its body is emitting the smell of corpses, perhaps it is the ghost who died here, it is looking for a substitute. My heart went into spasm, and half of my body began to get a little cold. Chapter 6 Wutong Apartment is immersed in the boundless darkness, and some things I can see or not are also stirring in this eerie atmosphere. The clock on the bedroom wall finally struck, and it was midnight. A moment of light and darkness has come, and now I am not surprised by what happens in this house that was once a haunted house. Just like when I first walked into this apartment, I had a feeling of walking into a maze. Transparent walls congealed in the turbid air, and although the door was behind me, I could not leave. Because those walls are already with me, even if I walk out of the apartment, I will only face a bigger maze. All I can do is keep walking forward, stepping on the remains of the previous owners, waiting for me may be full of hope, may be endless abyss. Later, I left Beijing and went to Yunnan. I vowed never to come back and throw away everything here, but the wheel of fate pulled me back to the starting point invisibly and pushed me back into the Wutong apartment. At this moment, I suddenly understand that I am actually the same as Zhang Wude, we can not escape the wheel of fate, those things that should come will come after all, can not hide. Is tonight the terrible moment? I walked out of the bedroom with a flashlight. My intuition tells me that there is something extraordinary about this sudden blackout. Wutong Apartment has not undergone any renovation since I took over, but simply painted, so it keeps its original appearance. The main body of the first floor is the living room, which connects the bathroom, kitchen, utility room and four closets hidden in the corner. There are six large bedrooms side by side on the second floor. I live in the first one at the top of the stairs, which is more convenient to go upstairs and downstairs. As for the remaining five, they are locked all the time. The switch in the utility room on the first floor controls the circuit of the whole apartment, and if there is a power failure, the problem will probably be there. Holding the flashlight, I held the wall and slowly stepped down the stairs. The flashlight had not been charged for a long time, and the orange beam could only shine less than one meter in front of him. At this moment, I am really afraid that the dim light will shine on something that should not shine on. I felt vaguely that besides me, there were second, third and Nth people in this apartment, but I couldn't see them. But in fact, they can see me, maybe they are hiding in some dark corner and staring at me. The wooden floor made a "squeak" sound under my feet, which was familiar. Yes. I have slept with this voice many nights, but this time it was not outside my bedroom door, but under my feet. Am I creating a weird atmosphere? I asked myself inexplicably. No,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, it's not. The eerie atmosphere has already arrived, and I'm just approaching it now. With feeling and experience, I groped into the broom closet bit by bit until my fingertips touched the cold doorknob of the broom closet. cnkexin.com