Burn the sky

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Chen Qi's face became extremely ugly, and the black stick was also taken away as soon as it was used, and he did not know where Chen Qi had hidden it.

Chen Qi's face became extremely ugly, and the black stick was also taken away as soon as it was used, and he did not know where Chen Qi had hidden it. The little thief's face changed, and his heart was angry. Staring at the real man who stepped on the snow, he shouted word by word, "So the real man wants to take my life!" Ta-xue Zhenren felt his magic power on the flying sword suddenly increased, but the surge was no longer under control, which led to the flying sword being knocked away by Chen Qi's stick method. But the real man who stepped on the snow never thought that his flying sword would be damaged. He was also secretly angry. He smiled coldly at Chen Qi and said, "The two sides are fighting. Who can say that they must stop?". Even if your Taoism is not good enough, you dare to come up to the arena. Don't complain about life and death. Chen Qi smiled and said coldly, "Don't complain about life and death. I hope you can be so open-minded when you step on the snow later." Chen's seven-step method suddenly became illusory, and a lotus flower was born under his feet, and the lotus God was born step by step. He unexpectedly broke through the realm of shrinking the ground and promoted to the level of stepping on the lotus. The real man who stepped on the snow felt awe-inspiring and thought to himself, "Why did this little bald donkey suddenly get a sharp increase in his magic power?"? Buddhism and Taoism are not good at this point. When you can't break through, you can't get through that difficulty. If you suddenly have an epiphany, your magic power will advance by leaps and bounds in an instant. He thought that Chen Qi was his own sudden breakthrough, but he did not know that Chen Qi was actually using the magic power of the afterlife. Just now, at the critical moment of life and death, he changed the heart of the netherworld into an eight-clawed yellow dragon and turned it into a black stick. Only with the power of the heart of the netherworld, could he smash Tan Xuezhen's Guiyuan Sword. Now that he has revealed his background, Chen Qi no longer cares about other people's eyes. He sneaks too dirty black light method, and inspires the Buddhist supernatural power of the demon heart of the afterlife one by one,spill plastic pallet, all of which are transported to his own body. Chen Qi also did not know that his affectation could not be seen as a flaw, but it was much better than summoning all the five eyes, the demon heart of the afterlife, the dirty black lotus and so on, and beating up the real people in the snow. Chen Qi is not afraid of others, the only thing he is afraid of is the demon handsome Li Chihai, who has formed a golden elixir, and is known as the first person of the evil way golden elixir,collapsible pallet box, is not an easy character to deal with. I'm afraid it's dozens of times more powerful than Gu Guiling, whom he deeply admires. Gu Gui Ling Xiu Cheng Jian Qi Lei Yin, still want to hide in the five gas mountain penance, in order to challenge, the name is weaker than the demon handsome Li Chihai Nu Lian Mi Xin Niang. From this inference, we can know the power of Li Chihai. The name of the person, the shadow of the tree, that is not to be ignored, even if there is a person who is not worthy of the name, but will never be the demon handsome Li Chihai, battle-hardened, I do not know how many killings after the evil way. Just look at the Qingcheng Sect suspected that he was a descendant of the Demon Gate, but also just leave no stone unturned, send someone to inquire, instead of immediately calling all the disciples, wholesale plastic pallet ,drum spill containment, directly to the imperial city, killed Li Chihai, you can see how the Taoists of the Qingcheng Sect are afraid of this demon handsome. Chen Qi absolutely does not want to touch the evil head of the demon handsome Li Chihai. When Chen Qi revealed the means of stepping on the lotus, the real man finally began to pay attention to the enemy, but when he rearranged his 103 Gui yuan Jian and prepared to kill Chen Qi again, a strange situation appeared. The real person who stepped on the snow found that he could not control it at will, and he sacrificed the flying sword that he had refined for many years. This horror was really no small matter. Ta-xue Zhenren hurriedly took all the flying swords back into his body and used True Qi to warm them up again. Sure enough, after some True Qi spitting out again, these flying swords became handy again. But he could no longer imagine that when he took the flying sword back into his body, a strange magic had sneaked into a secret hole in his body, dormant, and could no longer be detected. Chen Qi also almost at the same time, felt the shock of the heart of the devil in the afterlife, and knew that he had inadvertently planted the King Kong Curse for a master of refining. This King Kong curse into the body, it is extremely difficult to get rid of, although he knows several means, can step on the snow real person does not know. Chen Qi can already imagine that if this fight meeting is over, within ten months at most, the real person who steps on the snow will feel that his magic power has improved greatly, and then the whole body's True Qi will inexplicably turn into red lotus pure fire, and then, the life and death of this real person who steps on the snow can be held between the thoughts of the demon heart of the afterlife, that is, between the thoughts of Chen Qi's little holy monk. However, although the King Kong Curse can pollute other people's mana, this process is very slow, although Chen Qi can now interfere with the mana of the real person stepping on the snow, but those effects are minimal, not enough to change the war situation. All he can rely on now is his own magic. Although the demonic mind of the afterlife has opened the five senses, it has not done enough work on the small magical powers of Buddhism. I don't know how many rounds I can support against the power of the series of refining. Although Chen Qi still has some big bottom, but this little thief head is originally a ruthless person, stepping on the snow real person actually wants to kill him, let this little thief head how to tolerate? Whether or not sure, Chen Qi has been under the cruel heart, must give this step on the snow real person a ruthless hand, regardless of all costs, also want to kill him. This little thief head monk robe fluttering, step by step a lotus, step by step lotus, in addition to the appearance is also Fengshen handsome, appearance is extraordinary, unexpectedly has not started, should be surrounded by the people of the city, a burst of cheers. Even the young ladies of many official families, seeing this "Jade Monk" so graceful, were so excited that they wished that in the middle of the night there would be such an interesting and elegant monk who brought a young monk to knock on the door of his boudoir.. Chen Qi did not know that he had suddenly won such a good image among the hundreds of thousands of people in the city of ten thousand clouds in the imperial capital. A black stick in his hand stretched and stretched, and turned the heart of the netherworld into a weapon. Although the real man who stepped on the snow was a little surprised at first, after all, he had his own magic power. He still released the 103 Guiyuan Swords that had been warmed up again. This time Chen Qi was not afraid of him. No matter where the four-step flying sword of the real man who stepped on the snow was hidden,plastic pallet supplier, Chen Qi only used the stick. No matter which flying sword, if he wanted to get close to him, he would be picked up by the black stick. cnplasticpallet.com