Go to Jianghu to play soy sauce

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"I've almost said all I have to say, because if I refuse to cooperate, the mountain will come to kill me.". It's a pity that my life is too big to let them get what they want, so I can still stand here today and talk!

"I've almost said all I have to say, because if I refuse to cooperate, the mountain will come to kill me.". It's a pity that my life is too big to let them get what they want, so I can still stand here today and talk! Maybe I can't go out from here today, or maybe I will die if I go out, but I still want to say that I am very proud! I don't regret what I did today! Xiaoman took out the map of the Five Angles from his bosom and threw it on the ground: "This is the map of the Five Angles and the treasure that both sides of Tiansha Shifang and Bugui Mountain want. I return it to the Lord of Cangya City. In addition, the Five Angle in the north of the town has been taken away by us, but now it's not in my hand, it's in my hand.." Companion there, but he has been killed innocently by the mountain of no return. At this point, she couldn't hold back her tears any longer. She gritted her teeth to hold back her sobs. After a pause, she said, "In this way, I owe nothing to Cangya City.". And the money and the jewels. She pulled out her purse, opened it, and fell to the ground with a crash. White silver tickets and a pile of pearls and precious stones rolled all over the ground. "All of them are returned to you. No return to the mountain." As if she had done something important,plastic packing tube, she folded the empty purse, put it back in her arms, breathed a sigh of relief, looked left and right, and everyone stared at herself. Only the dress covered her face and cried. She laughed and shrugged her shoulders. "Now I'm a pauper again." The audience was silent for a long time. General Manager yuan of Fangcheng bowed to her and said with a smile, "The girl is really a chivalrous person. It's a shame.". The girl can rest assured that from now on,plastic laminated tube, the girl's safety will naturally be protected by the city. If anyone dares to touch the girl, he must ask whether the city agrees or not. Whether it is the ten directions of Tiansha or the mountain of no return. Someone had called the mountain of no return and rushed up to surround them. Xiaoman could not imagine that the crowd would go up. She was so overwhelmed that she stumbled and almost fell down. Lian Yi quickly supported her and raised his hand to hold her tightly. She was crying desperately, crying all the time, and the tears made Xiaoman's collar wet. Xiaoman smiled and touched her head. "Why are you crying, silly girl?". Isn't that easy? We won the bet. "Master, I'm sorry.." she sobbed. In fact, I didn't mean to be your escort. Yelv Wenjue is me. My father.. He arranged for me to come to you and find the right time to snatch the corner of the five sides. Xiaoman was taken aback. "What did you say?!" Lian Yi let go of her and whispered, "But I won't hurt you. I know you're good to me.". You've been my master all your life. Xiaoman wanted to speak again, but suddenly he heard someone in front of him cry a few times, and he softened down, followed by everyone crying out, and fell to the ground one after another, plastic packaging tube ,pump tube, even the people who did not return to the mountain were no exception. Hong Guzi and Yelv Wenjue thought they would be all right and were about to snatch the map of the corner of the five directions, but they suddenly felt dizzy and their legs were weak. They also fell to the ground and immediately understood that it was the power of heaven. They tried to look up, trying to find the white shadow of loneliness and pride on it, but the cold noble son did not look here. He stood in the corner and looked coldly at the scene of hundreds of poisoned people in the hall, like a statue made of ice and snow. Crow Kill Volume Chapter 13 Crow Kill (1) Updated: 2008-10-15 0:14:48 Words in this Chapter: 4118 The second watch. What's wrong Lian Yi looked blankly at the large number of fallen figures in the hall, and some people who had not yet broken out tried to rush out of the hall, but ran to the door and fell down. It's ecstasy! In the incense burner.. It's ecstasy! Someone called out, followed by the sound of more bodies falling down. When Xiaoman saw that all the people around him had fallen down, he had to stand by himself. "Ouch!" He shouted, "My head is so dizzy!" Plunge fell on the ground, even clothes startled, hurriedly hold her: "Master!"! Are you all right? What's going on?! Before she had finished speaking, her face changed and she fell to the ground with a splash, unable to move. Xiaoman was startled and hurriedly pushed her, but she was motionless and had already fainted. No way Didn't she take the antidote? Didn't Tianquan give her the antidote? General Manager yuan of Fangcheng turned blue and fell to the ground. "You're not going back to the mountains," he snapped! Too much courage! Put ecstasy in the incense burner! The people who did not return to the mountain could not say what they had suffered, so they had to scold at random. How could the heroes show weakness? For a time, there was a lot of scolding in the main hall. I do not know how long to lie, the hall finally no one called, all fainted in the past, the hall only incense burner fragrance, filled with delicate fragrance, refreshing. Xiaoman closed her eyes and pretended to be dead. Suddenly she heard a sound of footsteps coming towards her. She narrowed her eyes and saw a pair of white boots. The man bent down and was about to raise his hand to embrace her. Xiaoman suddenly opened his eyes and was facing him with a pair of black eyes. It was Tianquan. He was startled by her and his face changed. "Aren't you dizzy?" Xiaoman scrambled up and looked around. Spectacular, hundreds of people in the hall all fainted and died on the ground, like a large dead body. Didn't you give me the antidote? How can I be dizzy. Didn't you give me the antidote? She's dizzy, too. She's even more baffled. Tianquan pursed his lips. Didn't speak. The name of the incense in the stove is Ten Days Drunk, which is a very powerful ecstasy. It is also a very powerful poison, which can not only make people sleep for a few days without waking up, but also make their hands and feet soft, and it will take at least half a year to recover. During this period, he was no different from ordinary people. He gave Xiaoman their medicine so that she wouldn't be poisoned and her hands and feet would be weak, but she still had to be drugged. She should have fainted like everyone else, instead of staring at herself now. Let's go He said lightly, pulling her up from the ground, holding her waist and hugging her. "Where are Lianyi and Yelu?" Asked Xiaoman! Let's go together! Still without speaking, he raised his hand and picked her up, ignoring her resistance. Walk forward. Xiaoman struggled so hard that he suddenly felt his hand on the back of his neck,cosmetic plastic tube, trying to knock her out as before. "What are you going to do?" She asked! I'm not a dog. You can wake me up and knock me out! The hand hesitated for a moment, and Xiaoman struggled. Jump out of his arms. If you lose your face, you have to go to Lianyi and Yelv. 1 mobile phone station. emptycosmetictubes.com