Li Liang-Magic Hand Evil Monster

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"A cloud in the southern sky," Nangong yuanshi's uncle and nephew, each riding on the mountain path, not fast nor slow, the bright moon is in the sky, the night wind is like a knife, it is October weather.

"A cloud in the southern sky," Nangong yuanshi's uncle and nephew, each riding on the mountain path, not fast nor slow, the bright moon is in the sky, the night wind is like a knife, it is October weather. "Daming has run out of steam," said Nangong yuan. "We must act according to circumstances." “……” Yu Baoxiang was silent. Baoxiang, what's the matter with you recently? Always unhappy? Then Yu Baoxiang made a sound of vomiting. Nangong yuan reined in his horse and stopped. "What's the matter?" He asked? It seems that I often feel sick to my stomach recently. “……” "No," said Yu Baoxiang. There is nothing. How experienced Nangongyuan was. "Baoxiang," he asked, "could it be.." It was a long time before Yu Baoxiang gnashed his teeth and said, "Martial Uncle, if I don't kill Zhang Xin, I swear I won't be a man!" "Zhang Xin?" "Yes, he is Zhang Xin, the disciple of Thor and the fireball." "What happened to him?" "He.." He took advantage of me. It took Nangongyuan a long time to make a sound. "Aren't you going to marry him?" He asked. "Isn't marrying this kind of person a disgrace to three generations of ancestors?" "Are you going to kill him?" Asked Nangong yuan. "If you don't kill this thief, it's hard to calm down!" "Ok, let's go to find Zhang Xin, the fireball." It is not too difficult to find Zhang Xin,stesweet stevia, because he is a disciple of Vulcan and often uses firearms. Firearms are commonly used, and they will be noticed wherever they go. They found Zhang Xin in Hangzhou. Nangong was far from coming out, because he could not listen to them talk about it. Location is an inn, Zhang Xin's firearms were all stolen by Yu Baoxiang, even the clothes are missing, because Zhang Xin is taking a nap. Zhang Xin was awakened by her stamping her foot on her cheek. Seeing her, he knew something was wrong and said, "Baoxiang,lycopene for skin, I've been looking for you everywhere." Looking for me? Now I'm right in front of you! Another kick stamped on his lower abdomen, and Zhang Xin was so painful that he clams into a ball and grins. You think you can get away with murder forever! Baoxiang, I like you so much! But you may not believe this, but at least you must believe one thing, that is, please kill me immediately, only let you kill me personally, I will feel at ease. "With a good conscience?" "Yes!"! I liked you, so I took possession of you in that way without consideration. In fact, for me, it is not to let you possess me! "Fart!" "Baoxiang, no one in the world will know my love for you, and you can't understand me, so the only way is to let you send me with your own hands." "Of course I'll kill you!" "I hope you will stab me a thousand times, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,ghana seed extract," said Zhang Xin. "Don't stab me in the heart." "Why?" "My affection for you can be described as a heart lamp, so don't poke my heart, leave it to the next life, and then whip for you with boots and work for you." Yu Baoxiang snorted coldly. When Zhang Xin saw that her anger had subsided a little, he struck while the iron was hot and said, "Baoxiang, if I can become husband and wife with you in the next life.." "Dream!" "Yes, it's just my wishful thinking, but I got 500,000 taels of silver from my own division. I was going to give it to you, and now it's under my pillow." Yu Baoxiang was silent. As for the last time I slipped away, because I am very self-abased, every time you can not reach an orgasm, in the sexual aspects have always been able to see. "Who cares about that?" Asked Yu Baoxiang. 'What's The matter? Don't you care that I'm not very good at it? "A young woman doesn't care about this at all. On the contrary, if the man is too greedy and needs too much, the woman can't stand it!" "Ah!"! Oh my God! I slipped away because I was afraid that you would feel that I was always lost at the critical moment, which would greatly disappoint you. "No." "Is it really not for this?" "You don't have to do it!" "My God!"! I thought it was for something, so why did I run? I did it for you! Baoxiang, I'm wrong anyway. If you want to kill me, do it! Yu Baoxiang has lost his virginity to him and has been together for more than half a month. Zhang Xin's character is mediocre, not good but not too bad. More importantly, Zhang Xin knows firearms, has expertise, and his skill is not bad. Now that he had lost his virginity, it was forgivable if he really loved her so much and ran away because he could not satisfy her. So she went soft again. Do not soft down, must kill him, this life do not want to be widowed? "You mean you're just afraid I don't think you're very useful?" She asked. "Yes!"! Some men can satisfy a woman, and I.. "I don't care about that at all." "If you really mean it, won't you kill me?" "I'll spare you this time, but never again." Zhang Xin stretched out his hand to pull her belt and broke it with a sound. Both young people also need it. Yu Baoxiang fell on the bed. The boy couldn't wait to undress her. Yu Baoxiang said, "I'm afraid you're going to be a father." Xiao Zhang didn't seem to hear. What's the matter? You just like to play and don't like children? You.. What did you say "I may be pregnant!" "All right," said Zhang Xin! Being a father at my age is something to be proud of. Meeting again after a long separation, Sheng Yaner is newly married. Nangong saw it in the dark and left with a sigh. She wanted to kill people, but she was killed by Xiao Zhang in bed. It was a bit ridiculous. Two people do not leave all day long, hot for seven days, this day Yu Baoxiang woke up early in the morning, Xiao Zhang is not around, thought he went shopping. It was not until almost noon that she felt something was wrong. When she got out of bed and searched, she found that there were only two hundred thousand taels of silver in five hundred thousand taels, and the rest were missing. She was pale and trembling with anger. If Xiao Zhang had not slipped away, his firearms and weapons would not have been taken away. Blood thief! Next time I meet you, I won't be a man until I chop you into eight pieces! When Nangongyuan was informed of this, he said nothing. She knew that Nangongyuan must be blaming her for being cheap. The evil hand monster Chapter 19 The evil hand monster Chapter 19 Ren Daqing's "Tang sores" broke out, and many doctors were ineffective. He came to Suzhou to find a famous local doctor and prescribed a prescription. However, the famous doctor was also very honest and honest,best green coffee bean extract, and told him that if three doses were ineffective, he would be asked to hire another expert, and there would be nothing he could do. Ren Daqing hated Bai Zhi.