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In the final analysis, the lack of people's hearts is nothing more than a word of greed. I've been in a daze these days.

In the final analysis, the lack of people's hearts is nothing more than a word of greed. I've been in a daze these days. I seem to have heard Taizu's call. I woke up last night and reread Taizu's letters. Only then did I realize that I had disobeyed Taizu. Emperor Hongzheng sighed, took out a yellowing pamphlet from under his pillow, and handed it to Jingchen. His voice was a little lower than just now, and even a little breathless. "The matter of Huainan should be done according to the wishes of Emperor Taizu. You can't force it." Jing Chen took the pamphlet and kept silent. Taizu's letter was kept by the successive emperors of the Chen Dynasty. His father gave it to him, which meant self-evident. Emperor Hongzheng waved his hand, and the minister of the Ministry of Personnel opened the third decree, but this time it was not as smooth as it had been before. Word by word, he was very cautious: "Rui Wang Jingchen, Duan Hui Ren De, obeys the mandate of heaven at the top and the hearts of the people at the bottom. He should inherit the great system and succeed me as emperor." Jing Chen took the imperial edict in silence and kowtowed three times to Emperor Hongzheng respectfully. I will give you the land, when Taizu ancestral precepts as a warning, diligent government and love the people, always introspection. "Hongzheng Emperor's voice is getting weaker and weaker, holding Jingchen's hand in the palm of his hand," Jingshao is your own brother, if you make a big mistake in the future, you remember his brotherhood behind you today. " "My son obeys the decree." Rao Shi Jingchen could not help but be red-eyed. Father! Jing Shao couldn't help it any longer. He knelt down beside the bed. There was no father in the world who didn't love his child. It was only the father's heart for him that was clear so far. In the last life, the father did not tolerate him again and again, leaving him a way out again and again. "Keep the inheritance of your ancestors well,carnosic acid price, both for your father and for your mother." Take a good look at your. Emperor Hongzheng's voice gradually became light, as if he remembered the gentle and dignified yuan Hou, and his lips showed a smile. In the 16th year of Dachen Hongzheng, Emperor Hongzheng died of illness in the palace at the age of 48. Father! Jing Shao pulled the horn, could not stop crying, the mountain collapsed, your father died, even if all,saw palmetto extract, can not fight for life with heaven. Jing Chen pursed his lips tightly, and his red eyes could not stop the tears, which fell silently. Your Majesty, don't break your body by crying. An Xian and the minister of the Ministry of Personnel went to help Jing Chen, but they had already changed their name to the emperor. Xiao yuan picked up Jing Shao and handed him a brocade handkerchief. "I'm sorry, Wang Ye. There are still many things waiting for Wang Ye to do." Jing Shao wiped his face with a handkerchief and let the servant tidy up their skirts. He took the imperial sword and said, "Who did the poison?" "The late emperor is seriously ill," said the minister of the Ministry of Personnel. "We must find out in the future." Jing Shao took one look at him and said something, but Jing Chen stopped him: "An Xian, go and call all the princes to come over." "Yes." An Xian bowed down and turned to arrange his affairs. Jing Shao, you go to dispatch the imperial guards as soon as possible. If your father dies suddenly, I'm afraid there will be trouble. Jing Chen arranged the duties of the people in a clear way. Yes Jing Shao answered, clenched the sword in his hand, and as soon as he reached the door, phycocyanin spirulina ,turmeric extract powder, An Xian stumbled back. Wang Ye, no good, the imperial guards suddenly surrounded the hall. An Xian is very flustered, originally the imperial guards were transferred to the palace by the late emperor is to prevent any prince forced to abdicate, but if the imperial guards forced to abdicate, they can not escape. Jing Shao Wen Yan, also do not ask, directly swept out. Under the jade steps, the pace of the imperial guards is uniform, is fast toward the hall, Mo Yun eighteen ride back to the jade steps, the imperial guards commander unexpectedly is not, replaced by deputy commander Lin Gang. The emperor's father ordered that the palace guards and the imperial guards were temporarily under the jurisdiction of the king. "Jing Shao looked coldly at the unmoved imperial guards and took out the arrows of the imperial guards." You should guard the palace gate as soon as possible, and no one can enter. " "Don't listen to his nonsense." A man drove his horse slowly out of the crowd. It was the fourth prince Jingyu. "King Rui and King Cheng sought to usurp the throne. Those who killed King Cheng and King Rui were rewarded!" Said Mu Hanzhang with left and right guard army all the way straight to the eastern suburbs of barren forest, Ren Feng is commanding the training, see him immediately came forward to salute. Ren Feng originally recruited Wulin people in other courtyards, but later he recruited almost all of them. Jing Shao asked him to recruit private troops, and now he is the leader of this team. Wang Ye's amulet is here. The whole army is ready to go at any time! Mu Hanzhang showed the amulet given by Jing Shao. "Subordinates take orders!" Ren Feng naturally recognized the princess, without hesitation to start the whole army, horses were pulled out from the depths of the forest, cavalry led horses, infantry formal clothes, orderly, and Jingshao's pro-army is almost the same. These wild soldiers have been trained to such an extent that Wang Ye really has the ability. The right guard praised again and again. Ren Feng reorganized the team and came forward to report: "Report to the Marquis, the 3723 people who reclaimed the barren forest have all been reorganized." "How many cavalry?" Mu Hanzhang let people stand on the watchtower to keep an eye on the direction of the capital, also do not dismount, ready to fight at any time. One thousand cavalry, five hundred archers, and the rest infantry. Ren Feng answered. Mu Hanzhang nodded, took the water bag from the right guard and took a sip, waiting quietly for the news of Jingshao. It was getting dark until the sun was setting. The soldier on the watchtower suddenly shouted, "Marquis, there is a red firework in the imperial city." "Go!" Mu Hanzhang clenched the reins and ordered in a loud voice, "Cavalry first!" Originally just to make a preparation, thinking that even if the death of the emperor will be arranged, the chance to use the private army is not big, after all, once this kind of thing is exposed to people, it can not be used for the second time, and it will cause big trouble if it is not used well. But now it seems that there must have been a change in the palace that Jingshao could not cope with. Mu Hanzhang was burning with anxiety, hoping that he could catch up and that Jingshao could hold on. Jing Shao protected his brother behind him, and Mo Yun rode in a circle to protect them in the middle. The guards in the palace were fighting with the imperial guards. Four princes hidden, unexpectedly do not know when nearly 80% of the imperial guards for their own, the immediate situation is very critical, Jing Shao had no choice but to light the fireworks in his hands. Many guards in the palace,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, but also the imperial guards, watching the number of guards in the shrinking, Mo cloud eighteen ride has also killed soft. prius-biotech.com