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Moments. The main God of Blood Peak withdrew his divine consciousness, shook his head and smiled, followed by a flash of his figure, and disappeared into the hall.

Moments. The main God of Blood Peak withdrew his divine consciousness, shook his head and smiled, followed by a flash of his figure, and disappeared into the hall. Mould walked through the white fog. Speed away. Hum, I take back the main artifact. The matter was arranged immediately. He immediately reported the news to the Lord God, even at the speed of Lin Lei's departure. I'm afraid I haven't had time to go back to Youlan Mansion yet. Mould did things so efficiently that he was afraid that things would change over time. So he rushed here alone and told the Lord God. As for the Lord God. To catch up with Lin Lei again, of course, the speed is terrible, and the mountains are undulating. Continuously. A metal life runs through the sky. We have entered the territory of Youlan Mansion. It won't be long. You can reach the Heaven Sacrifice Mountains. Standing at the front of the metal life. Lin Lei looks at the outside world through transparent metal. Said with a faint smile. Blue Mansion. Dinah and Olivia were also standing by, looking into the distance. Suddenly "The world around Huhu produced a terrible whirlwind out of thin air. The whirlwind directly wrapped Lin Lei's metal life. For a time, the world was in a muddle." What's the matter? Beibei was frightened. Not good Lin Lei's face changed greatly, and the attack suddenly came. Even their own things are not aware of, this person is too terrible, Lin Lei did not hide the slightest intention to move, the power of the Lord God will be released. Form a protective shield to contain the five people. The whole metal life trembled. And then turned into powder. Lin Lei five people are still a little muddleheaded, and at this time. The whirlwind has dissipated. Hmm? Lin Lei looked ahead and saw a man standing suspended in midair in front of him. Someone with long silver hair. An aquiline nose. Long and narrow eyes. The eyes like a knife from time to time, looking at its face makes people feel cold in the bottom of their hearts, the silver-haired man will look at Lin Lei five people indifferently. The eldest brother. Who is he? Beibei whispered. The faces of Olivia, Dinah,turmeric extract powder, and their son, Dia, changed even more. What kind of person could it be. Apart from the Lord God, who else can make me appear around without any notice? Lin Lei said. Then Lin Lei bowed to the man in front of him with a smile and said, "Lin Lei of Youlan Mansion.". I've seen the Lord God! I have seen the master of death, the fruit tree of the nether world and the thunder of the forest. Understand a little! The main deity may appear in the form of energy, in the form of a real body, or in the human body. In short. The criterion for judging the main God is not his appearance, but his strength. Maybe a little girl showed up. It may also be the main God, who must not judge the strength of the other side by appearance. There was a smile on the silver-haired man's face. Contain the power of will? It is worthy of reaching the level of Dzogchen. To know my identity so quickly, pumpkin seed extract ,lutein eye complex, a "this wind is the main God, from the power cover of the main God of the earth arranged by Lin Lei.". I feel the power of a will. Most importantly.. Lin Lei uses the power of the Lord God. Without a trace of waste, judging Lin Lei's strength is naturally simple. I don't know what happened when the Lord stopped us. Lin Lei leaned forward with a smile and said, "Please ask the Lord God to make it clear!" "They retreated." The main God of the wind department took an indifferent look at Beibei and several of them. The matter of the token of the Supreme God, in the eyes of the Lord God. The less God knows, the less he knows. In the eyes of the Lord God, God is not qualified to know this kind of task at all. Lin Lei is the superior God of Dzogchen. He can talk with Lin Lei in a calm tone. But next to the other four people, the main God of the wind system does not want them to hear. You leave first. Lin Lei glanced at them. Know that the object is the Lord God. Beibei didn't dare to say much. And Olivia flew away quickly. Olivia's son, Daiya, was shocked and incredulous to look at the main God of the wind system a few more times, apparently. This Daiya is very curious about the legendary Lord God. Moments later, Beibei and others were thousands of miles away. Lord God, there are only two of us around. Lin Lei looked at the silver-haired man in front of him. My request is very simple! The main God of the wind department glanced at Lin Lei with a faint smile. Tao. A token of the Supreme God. It is useless to fall into the hands of God. You'd better give me the token of the supreme God you have got. Lin Lei couldn't help being confused. A token of the Supreme God? What is a token of the Supreme God? Lin Lei asked in reply. Silver-haired man eyes can not help passing a trace of cold light, cold hum: "How, in front of me you still want to lie, deceive the past?" In fact, the Lord God is also a little confused at the moment: "This looks like Lin Lei.". It seems that I really don't know the token of the Supreme God, not necessarily. If the Dzogchen God wants to cover up. I may not be able to see through it. "Lord God.". I swear in the name of the high gods. I really don't know what the token of the Supreme God is. Lin Lei is in a hurry. The silver-haired man was even more confused. Lord God, you speak of this token of the Supreme God. What is it? Lin Lei was puzzled. And as far as I know. The four supreme gods are the illusions of the four rules. There should be no human feelings. How can they produce the tokens of the supreme gods? Just opened his mouth. Lin Lei knew he had said the wrong thing. No human feelings. Can't you send a token? Where does the supreme artifact come from? The supreme artifact can be found, and the supreme God token can also be found. The silver-haired man, however, thought that Lin Lei did not know the existence of the supreme artifact and the supreme token. "The Supreme God," he said indifferently, "since he can be transformed into an adult, how can you figure it out? As far as I know, the nine spirit beads, one of the three tokens, should be in your hand. Right "Nine spirit beads, one of the three tokens?" Lin Lei was surprised. Lin Lei was really surprised. Because he understood what the other said: "The Lord God came to me and asked for the token of the Most High God.". Original The nine spirit beads that can make Mold immortal are the tokens of the Supreme God. No wonder they have such strange and incredible abilities. It turned out to be a token of the Supreme God. What on earth is the token of the Supreme God used for? At the moment, Lin Lei wanted to explore the nine spirit beads in the space ring. But now the Lord God is in front of him, and Lin Lei dare not do that. The observation of the main God, Lin Lei is not clear, can be the power of the main God,jujube seed powder, must be able to detect their own movement, if they detect the space ring, how can the main God not associate? "There are three more tokens of the Supreme God?" Lin Lei has a shocked expression.