Coward [wear quickly] by Fusu and Willow Leaf

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In fact, there is nothing to divide, Gu Li has no allowance, and now there is no serious work to do. If you don't divide, you may have to lean on them.

In fact, there is nothing to divide, Gu Li has no allowance, and now there is no serious work to do. If you don't divide, you may have to lean on them. The old man was not very happy to take care of his son and said, "Let's divide it." Anyway, they won't pay for the money or the house. The house must be left to the eldest son, and when he marries a daughter-in-law, he will not have to build it again, and he will be able to live and sleep. The money will be left to the youngest son, and if there is no house, the money saved will be enough for him to marry and have children. In comparison, only Gu Li has the most strange temper, and his mouth is not sweet, and they don't hurt much. In addition, I haven't seen him for a long time, and the guilt of putting the second son I didn't love into the army is gone. "Nothing can be given to him. If he wants to share, don't go into this house." Anyway, their words are left here, whether they are happy or not. The current village party secretary also went to his house and shook his head as soon as he heard this. What did the two old men and old women say? Eccentric into this, it is no wonder that Gu Li said to move out of the house to move out of the house,Coil Nail Making Machine, who put on who are angry. He said a few fair words in the middle and gave Gu Li a point. Did not expect next to Bai Jiansheng but interrupted, said: "The village is divided into old-age houses, Gu Li since the separation out, not old-age, this is certainly not his share." "Yes!" This sentence came out, the old lady can be considered to find a reason, "he did not come back to see me for so many years, I can not rely on him to support?" “……” The village party secretary has a headache. That's true,Automatic Nail Making Machine, but it was you who sent people to the army! Your house, your savings, are not the money you earn back! At the same time, Du Yunting also had a headache. In the past, when he wanted to meet people, he could easily meet them. The village is so big, Mr. Gu's range of activities is so small, as long as he walks around, he can always bump into it. In the back, the waves of Honghu Lake hit the waves, and that must be after bumping into them. But not now. He's gone. Mr. Gu seemed to have wings and easily flew away from his range, never to be seen again. Du Yunting was a little nervous. What's going on here? 7777 think is very clear, needless to say also know that the man must be afraid that when the time comes to implicate Du, two people together into the prison to be a roommate. Can think clearly is one thing, people's aspirations is another thing, nail manufacturing machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, Du Yunting himself is also aware of, but is unable to control the pace of the past toward Mr. Gu. 7777 said, [He is right. If something does go wrong, you'll both be arrested as a model. Du Yun paused for a moment and said, "This is not a matter of right or wrong." He explained, "Twenty-eight, I don't know how every world trajectory came about.". But it is possible that I will never meet Mr. Gu again in the next world. Du can't give up the world. Isn't it 1997? Until then, we'll hide it from anyone; after that, I'll hold his hand. He said, "It's always worth a try.". — I have to try.] 7777 can not stop the host to go to Mr. Gu that fervent heart, clearly very angry, but do not know why, actually from the inside also heard a little moved. It said, "But Mr. Gu is avoiding you." In Du, this is simply not a problem. He has a plan. [Wait.] The mountain is not mine, and I will go to the mountain. He had to sleep with Mr. Gu! The author has something to say: cowardice: In the dream, Mr. Gu hugs and kisses. o(////////)q Mr. Gu: It's all about farming in my dream. Coward:.. It's not his land, is it? Chapter 32 Little Educated Youth (4). The original body of Yu Han is delicate, and the conditions at home are good, so he doesn't usually do much work. In the past few days, I went to the countryside, went to the fields and sang operas, so I didn't have a good time. The weather is so hot that it is almost dehydrated by the sun. In addition, the stomach is not good. If the wind blows occasionally in the morning and evening, it will fall ill immediately. Du Yun stopped touching his forehead and felt a little burning. He coughed twice and had a dull pain in his throat. 7777 Although I often quarrel with the host, I can't help caring now. [Then take the medicine.] Is it easy to get the medicine at this time? Who would have thought that Du Yunting would wave his hand, "What medicine do you take?" He laughed and rubbed his hands. "Mr. Gu is the medicine, the medicine for me.". 】 7777:【……】 Sick still do not forget the waves, it is really think impassability, with this perseverance waves to waves, Du Yunting how not to be beaten to death by the waves on the beach? Gu Li returned to the village late at night. He stepped on some soft soil, opened his legs and walked silently on the village road. The night in the countryside came very early, and every family went to bed. Only the insects kept chirping and shouting at the top of their voices. The darkness of the night was heavy, and the eyes adapted to it, but they could barely see what was in front of them. Bypassing a mud house, Gu Li's footsteps stopped. He turned his head and looked at the dark window. There was no light in it, and it was silent. Gu Li's steps did not move again. He hesitated, but eventually came forward and sat under the window. The faint fragrance of the grass leaves, mixed with the fragrance of the earth, jumped up. Suddenly a frog called out in the pond, which made Gu Li sober and suddenly realized what he was doing. He almost forced himself to stand up again, and without looking back once, he walked straight in the direction of the shack. The heads of the two cows were close to each other. Gu Li approached a little and suddenly saw a dark shadow beside the wall, hidden under the reflection of the wall. Who He gave a shout, and his hand touched his waist, but did not touch the gun. When he looked again, the black shadow had already stood up from the wall and folded his arms. Moonlight sprinkled down, Gu Li saw the other side of the face. His hand suddenly paused and he put it back stiffly. The little educated youth stood by the wall,Coil nail machine, hanging his head, and his voice was very light: "Brother Gu, did I disturb you?"? I'm going back now. 。